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Memento mori:  a reminder that we're all going to die and might as well get used to the idea.  Skulls, bones, spiderwebs, odd beasties, plague doctors, and things that go bump in the night.

Memento vitae:  life itself - the sea; light, play, and (re)generation.  Waves and flowers; nature walks and dancing for the sheer fun of it.


My work explores the interplay between light and dark; life and death; presence and absence; movement and stillness; laughter and sobriety. I like my skulls dentally challenged and disarming; my skeletons, nimble and happy; my seas churning with marauding kracken. 


All pieces are hand-made wheel-thrown porcelain, fired in hand-prepared glazes to a high cone 6, and food-safe.  You can put everything through the dishwasher and microwave except for those with gold luster.


The work shown here gives you a taste of what I do - to see what is presently in stock, click on the Etsy link, or contact me directly.

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